EBT2/3 Film for Mini Ball Cube v1 - CyberKnife

EBT2/3 Film for Mini Ball Cube v1 (20 pieces)

Product SKU: 023639-002

End to End Testing Xsight Spine The E2E test is used to determine the total positional error for each stationary tracking mode and motion tracking mode installed on a CyberKnife System. Stationary tracking modes include the 6D Skull Tracking system, the fiducial tracking system, and the optional Xsight Spine Tracking System. Motion tracking modes include the optional Xsight Lung Tracking System and Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System Targeting accuracy is quantified based on radiation delivered to a Ball-cube film cassette or to a film insert, depending on the tracking mode. Dose distributions are recorded on films inserted into the Ball-cube or film insert and analyzed. The E2E test should be performed at least monthly for each tracking mode at your site and the results documented in the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System QA Log Book.

Each Kit Includes: 
Box of film, EBT2/3 (20 pieces -10 axial, 10 sagittal) 
E2E Film Analysis v4.0 software 
Customer Release Notes 
Instructions for Use

*** LEAD TIME 7 - 10 DAYS ***